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Programs will change throughout the year to keep your workouts fresh and effective. We will work with you to help you learn how to use each class to fit your specific needs.

Our current programs are:

SPARC (Stamina-Performance-Aerobic-Repetition-Conditioning) (Functional Fitness) Create the SPARC that lights the fire within you. SPARC will increase the fat burning heat and increase overall fitness performance. By challenging you with a diversity of cardio conditioning and muscle endurance programming, SPARC will keep metabolism burning long after the workout.

TRIGGER (Dynamic Mobility) Strengthening and building muscles begins with a strong foundation. Trigger dynamically uses mobility, functional movements, suspension training, core strengthening techniques and joint strengthening and stabilization to build a stronger, more stable body. Come challenge yourself and use Trigger to increase your workout potential

E.R. (Endvr Recovery) (Recovery) Recovery is one of the most important components to achieving your physical goals but one of most underutilized. Take care of your body and learn to keep it pain-free with E.R. (ENDVR Recovery). Using the latest tools and methods to relieve stress and increase flexibility E.R. will become one of your favorites and must take programs at ENDVR.

Summit Strength (Strength and Conditioning) One of the best feelings is reaching the top of the summit. Your success is made by all the hard work and effort you put in during your training. Summit Strength is a program geared toward pushing your strength to new limits. Utilizing progressive strength and conditioning techniques targeted at specific muscle groups, the only limit to your success is your willingness to reach the top

Granite (Hypertophy) This program is for that more advanced athlete and is indepently done. Granite is not on the regular schedule but can be done anytime you come in. This 16-week muscle buildin program will getprogressively more challenging with each week. The goal is not to just maximize you lifts but to focus on the quality of the rep to maximize time under tension. The goal along the way will be to perform each rep between 6-12 seconds with maximal weight. If you want to push or lift heavier than normal, we suggest you grab a buddy or instructor to spot your lifts correctly. This programs is unique for a traditional mass building program but you will see maximal gains and minimize your chance for injury

Endvr Challenge (Strength and Conditioning) This workout is our weekly personal challenge style workout. You will have 3 options of challenges to choose from. The Base Camper is for the novice or back in action that wants to workout and push themselves in a manner they are comfortable with.
The Adventurer is for those looking for a little challenging endvr. The Alpinist is for the elite and those that want to push their limits or see where you stand. No matter which you choose its your personal Endvr. Each week you can test your limits as much or as little as you want.

Trailhead Program (Strength, Stamina) This is a paid for program 4 -12 week option for new fitness adventurers. Are you just  beginning your workout adventure? Do you want to join a gym but dont know what to do once you get there? Maybe you just want to start back at a not so intense pace. Perhaps you have never worked out before or you are just really rusty. if any of these describe you then this 3 day a week 4 week program can be your best option. Our Trailhead program is just the beginning of your ENDVR. Each workout will work on your fundamentals in strength, stamina, and core. Each week you can either try to challenge yourself with a progression or just recap and ensure you are on the right track. The whole time you will have an instructor there with you guiding you and helping you navigate the terrain. After the four weeks you can choose to extend the trailhead program or graduate to our regular EDNVR programs.  The choice is up to you.  This is YOUR Endvr.

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