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If you are a novice, new to fitness, or have injuries then one of our Fundamental Programs courses may be the best option for you. These course options consist of an at-your-own pace course (Trailhead Course) and two small group courses ( Essentials and Nano Programs course) that are broken down into body parts and zones.

Is the Fundamental Program for me?

  • I have never really worked out before.
  • I have gone to many gyms but do not feel like I am doing the exercises correctly.
  • I keep hurting myself during workouts.
  • I have an injury and want to build back up safely.
  • I have injuries and do not know how to exercise around them.


Perhaps you work out on a regular basis but haven't been as active lately. Maybe you work out but are not sure you can keep up with the workouts we currently have and want to get started a little slowly. Our ENDVR Trailhead course is the perfect start for you. The program has 7 different at your own pace workouts. This is designed to be a 3 to 4-week ramp-up program. Each of the 7 workouts has a level-up option to challenge you and prepare you to feel confident when doing one of our normal guided group workouts. No matter the time or schedule you can always come in anytime we are open to doing one of these workouts. There will always be staff members who can help you to demonstrate an exercise and answer any questions. Once you feel confident and want to move up to a guided group workout just look at our regular schedule, pick a workout time, choose your workout, and dive right in.

If you are a pro at the game and just want to jump in when you sign up, let our team leaders know what your goals are and we can guide you to the correct workout and formula to help you have the most success.


If you are new to working out and do not have a familiarity with exercises and how to perform them correctly then this is your course. It will guide you on proper form, exercise modifications, and ENDVR exercise terminology. Each workout will be broken down by body part and will go over muscle, a warm-up of muscle, exercises for that area, and modification options. This is more of a low-cost small group PT, but if you are really new and want the best chance of success this is the best option. You always have an option to bypass the Essential and/or Nano Courses, but we are always there if you need to come back to it.


Our NANO Course is for those with nagging painful issues. This course is broken down into specific injuries or problem areas. Here we will guide you through warm-up options, corrective stretches, corrective exercises, and exercise alternatives. This is a low-cost small group PT. If you are really having painful issues and these issues are keeping you from feeling confident in your workouts, this will be the best chance of success. You always have an option to bypass the Essential and/or Nano Courses, but we are always there if you need to come back to it.

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