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Recovery is one of the most important components to achieving your physical goals but one of the most underutilized. ENDVR aims to make your recovery a want versus a have to in your life. Become the best version of yourself by restoring your body to a strong and pain-free beast. ENDVR has or will have multiple options to choose from when it comes to your recovery.

E.R. (ENDVR Recovery) Group Guided Option: Using the latest tools and methods to relieve stress and increase flexibility E.R. must take programs at ENDVR. With a combination of foam rolling techniques, active release therapy, mobility movements, banded joint distraction, and trigger point techniques each workout focuses on a specific area to maximize your flexibility and assist in recovery.

Recovery Session: Recovery sessions are similar to training sessions as they are specifically tailored to your needs. They can be purchased just and be done in a small group or 1 on 1. Sometimes things happen and injuries can occur. We always suggest you see a medical specialist right away to have the issue diagnosed. After being cleared we can help with recovery without the risk of further injury. If it's a small nagging tightness or lack of mobility that is causing an issue, each session will be conducted to try and help minimize the issue and to assist in alleviating the pain. Some issues are very common and just a little specific TLC on the area can go a long way in getting you back to what you love.

Sauna and Ice Bath Therapy: hot and cold therapy has been proven to have many benefits.

NORMATEC Compression Therapy: There are many benefits to using compression therapy: Lactic acid and lymphatic flushing, thus removing toxins, reducing inflammation help improved blood flow Increased adrenaline and release of endorphins known to trigger lymphatic circulation soreness recovery rejuvenates skin.

Precaution: if you are prone to high blood pressure, pregnant, or have any health-related issues, these kinds of techniques should be discussed with your doctor first.

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