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Sometimes you have a specific goal and no matter how great our program may be, you may need a little or a lot more customization for you to reach your goal. At ENDVR our personal training is a team effort. We have experts with many different backgrounds and experiences. When you train with us you have a team of coaches to work with to help you conquer that ENDVR.

  • First, let one of our associates know you have a specific goal and would like a free consult with one of our coaches
  • After a brief questionnaire with one of our experts, we will contact you to set up your free assessment. This helps ensure you are getting set up with the right person.
  • Before your appt. Write down your goals, days you can work out, what your realistic timeframe is, and all your meals and beverages for 72 hours, and email that info to the designated email address or print out and bring it in.
  • At your 1st appointment arrive about 10 min early to check-in and our front desk will let the coach know you are here. You can put your belongings away, ensure you have a towel, water, and hold up in our designated waiting area.

ENDVR personal training is broken down into small groups (2-5 people) and one on one training.

Small-Group Training Benefits

  • You get to work together with a group that helps keep you accountable
  • You have a group that you know is going through the ups and downs with you right by your side.
  • You can make new networking connections, meet new people, and create lasting friendship.
  • You have a team of trainers with different expertise working with you to help you reach your goal.
  • The investment can be extended or more due to the much lower cost than one on one training.

One on one Training Benefits

  • You have the strict accountability of someone to keep you accountable
  • You know you will have no distraction to get the work you need done.
  • Hey, let's be honest, some of us just like to work out by ourselves.

Training Rates can vary between $25/ session and $75/ SESSION. The rate depends on if you are doing Small group training ($25-$50/session) or One on One training ($55-$75/session). Other factors that can determine the rate are the number of sessions you purchase at one time or if you want a bigger discount, using an automatic monthly payment rate that allots you a certain number of recurring sessions every 4 weeks. During your consultation, you and the trainer can come to terms with the best option for you.

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